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How to Be a Record Producer in the Digital Era out now on Billboard Books

Megan's new book, How to be a Record Producer in the Digital Era, (Billboard Books/Watson Guptil) is now available!

Look for How to be a Record Producer in the Digital Era in the Music section of your local bookstore, or order it here:
How to Be a Record Producer - Amazon
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How to Be a Record Producer - Billboard Books

From Billboard Books:
The insiderís guide to becoming an insider:
- The only book that covers both the technical and the business sides of producing
- Use the latest technology to become an independent producer
- Includes interviews with record producers, studio managers, and record label A&R people

Want to become a record producer? Get this book. Itís the authoritative, up-to-the-minute guide to getting what it takes to become a success in todayís exciting, hyper-competitive music business. For musicians interested in hands-on record production, for aspiring pros, for anyone with an interest in the business aspects of producing, author Megan Perry has the full inside story. With full information on developing skills, building a clientele, and managing a business, plus interviews from industry insiders and tips on negotiating with record labels, artistsí managers, and artists themselves, How to Be a Record Producer in the Digital Era is the go-to guide for any aspiring music pro.

Reviews for How to Be a Record Producer...

"A good read and well worth repeated visits. Bone up on the career side of your music....industry folks from both sides of the negotiating table can benefit from chapters like 'Planning a Recording Project' and 'Working with Artists'." -- John Chappell, Harmony Central:

"Aspiring knob-twiddlers should pick up Megan Perry's guide to making the most of your production skills in a music landscape that changes nearly every day". -- Alternative Press

Also, read Megan's article recently published in Music Connection, Getting Started as a Record Producer, or find out more about the book HERE.

Wired: Musicians' Home Studios

Wired: Musician's Home Studios
"A great book, full of practical advice and tips from working professional do–it–yourselfers."

– Tom Dumont: No Doubt

"Sound: perhaps the most elusive art. There has long been a draw to capture it: voices, musics etc. froze in time and place for the amusement/amazement of other ears. From Thom Edison and his wax cylinders on up, we who are tuned in to sound, musicians, technicians, artists, 'listeners,' are intrigued with the many ways to record what we hear. Anyone with a simple cassette recorder is part of this movement, and worthy of inclusion here. Live capture. Life capture. The obsession takes various forms. Herein we find stories from some pop-culture sojourners of various temperments"

– Lee Ranaldo: Sonic Youth

Advances in technology along with the advent of affordable digital recording has ushered in a new era of the home recording studio. The novice musician and the quintessential professional alike can explore the fun of laying down tracks themselves and getting WIRED.

WIRED: Musicians Home Studios serves as both a technical guide to 'do–it–yourself' home style recording as well as a journal of first-hand experience and solid advice from some of the music industry's finest: Tom Dumont of No Doubt, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Jonathan Davis of Korn, Snoop Dogg, and many more. From common sense tips to in-depth recording techniques, these musical mavericks show you the essentials of recording and how home recording is within anyone's reach:

  • Set up your own recording space and learn the ins and outs of recording, editing, mixing.
  • The pros and cons of analog and digital recording and working with digital audio workstations.
  • Learn about the different types of mics and micing techniques for drums, instruments, and vocals.
  • Understand guitar, vocal, bass and drum signal chains.
  • Outboard gear 101:compressors, limiters, EQ's, mic preamps.
  • Understand basic acoustic principles to guide your room construction and recording setup.

Alongside tech tips and anecdotes WIRED provides a glimpse into the personal lives and the music industry battle stories of some of the most successful artists of our time. WIRED not only shows you how but why more and more musicians are taking recording into their own hands, all set against a backdrop of a distinctive photologue of the people, places and equipment that make it all happen.